I think I may be slightly dyslexic - I frequently write 'resluts' and 'consluting' instead of 'results' and 'consulting'

A photographic challenge...

In keeping with my New Years resolution to become a better photographer, I've started taking at least one photo a day where I force myself to think about the composition, lighting, subject and theme of a photo before taking it. (the first 18 photos can be found at http://robmuch365.posterous.com or http://robmuch365.tumblr.com for all those tumblr fans)

However, I feel that this may not be enough to entirely get me to where I want to be with my photography. I want to get out of my comfort zone and take more adventurous photos, which is why I would like you to set me a photographic challenge.

I have already set myself a challenge. I take a lot of still life photography generally, and so I have challenged myself to do a couple of photoshoots with friends of mine who may end up using the photographs in a commercial way. This will require a level of professionalism and dedication on my part to ensure they get the best result possible, but will also require more creativity and a willingness to try things out of my comfort zone.

So I've set myself a challenge, and I would love it if you set me a photographic challenge too, something that will push the boundaries of my current comfort zone and force me to be more adventurous with my photography.

Please comment below by signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account, or I think you can leave an anonymous comment too. Alternatively @reply me on Twitter or reply to this post on Facebook with any suggestions.

Thanks if you've read this far, and thanks for any suggestions in advance! :D

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