We never use the same bathroom air freshener twice in a row, cos we start associating the smell with poo. Just thought you'd like to know.

People who annoy me: people who say "you know what I mean?" every 10 seconds in a conversation

I'm not invested in this report...

One of my subjects this semester has been a research project, to be finished within the semester. It has been sort of an extension of my thesis from last year, in that I have the same supervisor, and I'm using some of the resources that were developed last year for my thesis, and it's in a similar study area.

I have a 10-20 page report due on Friday, to summarise what I've done in the project, and I'm just not that invested in finishing it. I think after doing my thesis, this just doesn't seem as important in comparison, even though it is predominantly my own work, rather than being shared with my thesis partner, and it was my choice to do this project in the first place.

Doing a thesis was such a huge undertaking, and it was being compared against everyone else's theses from the year, and it was worth twice as much as any other individual subject, and it was like a culmination of four years worth of work. After that I'm just filling in remaining requirements of the course. It just seems so dry and tedious.

I guess I'm just complaining though. And avoiding doing the assessment that I'm complaining about.

This is the last major assessment of my degree, so maybe I just don't want to let go of being in university. Its been my life for four and a half years, and with thirteen years of school prior to that, I don't really know any different. Maybe I'm just scared of going out into the real world of full time work - facing the responsibilities of being a professional engineer.

I just want to be a kid forever...

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Here's the shirt I wore for the Wear it with Pride campaign photoshoot! http://wearitwithpride.com.au/t-shirts/17-of-85/

You can buy it and the other 85 shirts on the website, and all the profits go towards grassroots educational initiatives in Australia!

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In September, Greg and I are driving down to Melbourne, driving the Great Ocean Road and going to the Yarra Valley for some wine tasting!

This is how to do a viral video campaign...

These videos were made by Pixar to coincide with the release of Toy Story 3, containing the fictional toy from the 80s, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, which is a character in the new movie. This is the way viral marketing should be done, with no apparent association with the public campaign or product being marketed.


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Worst oil spills in history

Just saw SATC2. Certainly flogged the proverbial dead horse. And by that I mean SJP and her career. And her face. Horse face.

Say hello to Marco:

So this is our new baby, Marco (Polo).

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We're saying farewell to a dear old friend today...

The work of art below is Magda aka "Fattie" (named lovingly after
Madga Szubanski). She has been in our family for about 10 years and we
are now saying farewell. She has been good to us, even with her
quirks, and will be sorely missed!

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"Excuse me, it's illegal to smoke on the street" #someday

This cafe is playing 'I Dont Like Cricket' on repeat, I'm going insane

Gay News Update 17 June 2010

So this is my first (proper) video in a while, like 6 months maybe, so I tried to make it enjoyable. It's probably too long, but you can deal with it.

And just as a special something for the people who watch this video on my Posterous blog, I've also included a couple of pictures of the car we will be getting, can't wait! The car will be the same model as the red one, but will be the same colour as the yellow one.

Thanks guys




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