Day 5 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

So Day 5 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas is now up on YouTube and this one is a talky blog as I would usually do on Saturdays. This can be viewed below.

This blog is about the proposed internet censorship plan by the Australian Government, and specifically about "pro anorexia" or "pro-ana" or "thinspiration" websites which are under consideration for censorship under this proposal.

I've recently signed a petition to try to stop this proposal from going through parliament. If you are from Australia and would also like to sign this petition then please follow this link: GetUp Save The Net Campaign

Day 5 // Thinspiration / Pro Ana / Pro Anorexia

Day 4 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

So Day 4 has now been posted and can be viewed below!

In my old apartment I had a wall of postcards above my desk in the main room. This video was filmed when I had to take them down before moving out. Hope you like it!

Also, if you'd like to view postcards 1.0, then it is also below, it's one of my favourite videos, so make sure you check it out!

Day 4 // Postcards 2.0

Postcards 1.0

Day 3 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

Merry Christmas!

Day 3, the Christmas Day edition, of the robmuch 7 Days of Xmas is now up on YouTube, and you can watch that below. Also below is my video for the5guys this week, which happens to also be on Christmas Day!

Hope you all have an amazing day and get lots of presents and eat lots and drink lots and party the night away!

My Christmas Day is now drawing to a close. We've had the hot barbeque breakfast followed by the big seafood lunch followed by the afternoon nap and evening walk through the streets of Canberra. I'm now considering watching a movie or some True Blood before a light fruit salad dinner and dessert!

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and I hope you enjoy the videos below!

Day 3 // Merry Christmas!

[12/25] Merry Christmas!

Day 2 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

Happy Christmas Eve!

The video for Day 2 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas is now up on YouTube, and can be viewed below. Make sure to get the collab responses in by midnight Saturday (GMT). Enjoy!

Day 2 // Moving Out / Collab Invite

Day 1 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

So I'm back in Canberra for Christmas, and since I have a good connection to the internet here I figured I would do something special for Christmas on my robmuch YouTube channel. I'm here for 7 days, and I have some videos ready to upload and other which I'm editing and ideas for talky blogs, so I thought of posting 7 videos, one for each day of the week, and thus The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas was born!

The video for Day 1 was posted yesterday:

Day 1 // Driving Home

Keep an eye out for the other 6 videos coming in the next week!

Summer holiday movies

You know how there are those movies that you always say that you want to see but never get around to seeing for one reason or another?

Well! These holidays I've decided that I will watch all the movies that I've never got around to watching. I would like some help though. I would love for you to recommend some movies which you think must be watched in one's lifetime.

So far I've got:

Requiem for a Dream
Clockwork Orange
The Godfather series
Million Dollar Baby
The Birds (and other Hitchcock movies)
Run Lola Run

Any others? Leave them in the comments!


Just a quick post to say that I have moved out of my apartment (and still looking for a place, thus homeless), so internet access will be intermittent for a little while, but will endeavour to post more over the holiday season now that I have less packing and cleaning to do.

Had a play around with Wordle at work today, and created this graphical representation of Obama's victory speech, the bigger the words the more often they were said during the speech. It's interesting to see how these sorts of things end up. Try out different speeches or song lyrics to get interesting results.

Click the image below to see a larger version

Save the Net

If you're from Australia, please sign this petition to stop the Government's Internet Censorship plan. It will only take 2 minutes out of your day. Also if you feel particularly enthusiastic about the campaign to stop the censorship, please donate so that ads similar to the one below will appear throughout the internet. Go here to donate.

Male Make-up

I've touched on this topic before, so I won't linger, but I found this video on YouTube today, and for some reason men (or teens as in this video) wearing make-up intrigues me, especially when it is for enhancing facial features (rather than changing who they are, as is the case with drag queens). It doesn't intrigue me because I want to do the same thing, it's just that it is different from my personal life experience. Although I grew up with 3 sisters, I never really experienced that side of their lives. I was always the one who would be ready to go somewhere in 20 minutes, whereas they would take an hour (or more!) and I would never venture into the bathroom when they were getting ready. So to see what goes into doing one's make-up is intriguing in itself, let alone seeing a 16 year old boy doing his own make-up.

Comment question: Have you ever dabbled in men's make-up?

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