"About me" video extras

Here were some things that didn't make it into the "About me" video:

In my family I have Mum and Dad and three sisters, two of which are older, one younger, and everyone in my immediate family still lives in Canberra.

I only really keep in touch with a small handful of people in Canberra, really just my closest friends from school, most of my friends now aren't from Canberra.

I recently changed to using iMovie on my MacBook to film my blogs, and I truly don’t know how I survived using a camera and windows movie maker before that.

I often follow the crowd.

I’m a bit of a kid most of the time

Walking along a footpath I can only step on cracks with my left foot, and can only step on straight joins with my right foot.

Some would say that I can be a bit naive at times, but I like to say that I'm idealistic

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