Men's Fashion

So I am in the library at Uni, and I really should be studying for my two quizzes tomorrow worth 15% and 20% respectively, but I thought I would distract myself by writing a blog entry!

So there has been quite a bit of media hype recently over the controversial use of traditionally feminine influenced items in men's fashion. Things such as skinny jeans, cardigans, jewellery and feminine colours (e.g. pink and purple) have been deemed acceptable in men's fashion and have been included under the headings of metrosexual or indie. But other developments in men's fashion haven't quite received the same approval. Such items include men's skirts, tights (mantyhose), corsets, long tees (labelled as dresses by some), eye-liner (guy-liner) and other make-up, and fake eye-lashes.

As I have previously stated in my "Breaking Down Stereotypes" blog on YouTube, I believe these developments in men's fashion are fantastic. They force people to question what it means to be masculine, and also points out that gender roles, gender identity and sexual identity can and often are mutually exclusive. A heterosexual male can wear feminine influenced clothing, and that does not make him any less masculine. A HOMOSEXUAL male can wear feminine influenced clothing, and that does not make him any less masculine, or any less of a "man".

Once these stereotypes, linking particular gender roles with particular gender identities and particular sexual identities, are broken down, then one's sexuality will cease to matter (other than for dating) and there will be much less intolerance in the world.

So I'll get off my soapbox now and get back to studying...

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G.Gahm said...

Here's how I look at it... people need to get over themselves! We need to start looking at WHO these people are and NOT what they're wearing, what sports they're participating in, etc.. People as a whole are too overly concerned about being straight or gay and what that means. We're all people who have been given the same rights as humans, to live our lives.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Rob!
I think that the world isn't quite ready for such drastic change, however. Even I was a little shocked to see male-corsets. I see the whole change as like, coming out to the world- It's best that it is done in bite sized pieces, with time in between. So that everyone cn simply adjust.
Well, that is my take on it anyway!


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