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I've decided to start up a written blog to complement my video blog on YouTube (find it here)

So what better way to introduce myself than to post my 'About Me' video from my robmuch YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy, and I welcome suggestions for the sorts of things you would like to see on this written blog as opposed to the video blog.


Hi, my name's Rob, I'm 21 years old, and I've been making YouTube videos for about 3 months now.

I'm Australian, and I grew up in Canberra, which is a fairly small city and it also happens to be the capital of Australia.

I now live in Sydney and I go to University or Uni as we call it here. I'm in my third year of a Civil Engineering Degree, and I want to be a structural engineer. So one day I'll be designing bridges and buildings and tunnels and stuff like that.

At the moment I'm working part time supervising a call centre, and we ring people up to do surveys, so it's kind of evil work, but it's really well paid, so it helps through uni.

So that was the boring stuff about me, now I'm going to tell you some random facts about Rob.

I collect postcards, and so far I have about 3 shoe-boxes full of them.

I don't watch tv.

I'm a perfectionist.

When going up and down a staircase I like to start with my left foot.

My nicknames in the past have included Bob, Bobert, Roberta, Bert, Robbie, Bobbie J, R, Robyn and Regina.

I procrastinate a lot.

I try to be socially aware.

My first car was a hand-me-down 1980 orange Toyota Corolla (it went corolling along, ha!)

I named my MacBook 'Charlie Mac'.

I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet, so I've got a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Stickam. I also frequently go to, sydney morning herald ( and apple movie trailers.

I'm a bit of a control freak.

When I'm home alone I listen to music and dance around my apartment.

I don't play a musical instrument, but some day I would love to learn to play the piano.

I love chips (crisps), chocolate and icecream.

I've never broken a bone.

I have 8478 song on my iTunes, so I have a very eclectic taste in music. I like indie, electro, pop, alternative, house, rock, soft rock, chillout, brit pop rock and french electro.

I used to work in a cinema and would eat popcorn when no one was looking.

I like the volume on my stereo to be a multiple of 5.

I played tennis for 10 years when I was in school.

My bedroom fluctuates between being really clean and really messy, and at the moment it's really messy.

I was a prefect in high school.

And one last thing, I'm gay.

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. r o s s . said...

Great intro Rob. I have subscribed to your feed and look forward to more posts. Ross.