My current flatmate is moving back home at the end of this year to save some money for travel and an exchange and investing etc, and it means that I have to consider what I'll be doing for the summer holidays and into next year.

Currently I'm considering a few different options:
  • Find a 1 bedroom place and live on my own.
  • Find someone to move into the place I currently have, in place of my current flatmate.
  • Find someone to move into a new place.
I've had 2 different flatmates over 2 years and I don't particularly want the hassle of finding someone else. But I'm pretty attached to my current place, and it would also be a hassle to find a new place and to move everything I have to the new place. But the current place is pretty big and a little expensive and so if I moved I might be able to find something smaller and cheaper.

I really love living close to the city and close to uni so I wouldn't want to move too far away either, which would keep the prices relatively higher than elsewhere...

Lots of things to think about. Anyone provide any thoughts? What is living on your own like?


Anonymous said...

Living on your own isnt too bad, theres a lot of freedom. Its about personal preference though, and I dont really know if you like alone time or not. If you need time to yourself, get a one bedroom. It would probably cheaper that way. And you can always invite people over.

On the other hand, if you liked living with someone, I think you should stay there and find someone to live with you, it sounds like you have a good place and youre settled there.

Storyboy said...

I have lived on my own, lived with a flatmate, lived in a dorm, and for 19 months had my mother living with me. I still take care of her but I moved out of my condo to rent another apartment in the same building. That way I can keep an eye on her every day and still have my privacy. She has Alzheimer's.

Rob you seem quite independent and would probably enjoy living on your own. I realize there's a financial aspect, but if you can manage it I think it's better always to have your own private space.

Gay elder, Quentin Crisp, advised gay men to keep a toothbrush at the boyfriend's flat but always to have their own place to go back to when necessary.