Day 5 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas

So Day 5 of The robmuch 7 Days of Xmas is now up on YouTube and this one is a talky blog as I would usually do on Saturdays. This can be viewed below.

This blog is about the proposed internet censorship plan by the Australian Government, and specifically about "pro anorexia" or "pro-ana" or "thinspiration" websites which are under consideration for censorship under this proposal.

I've recently signed a petition to try to stop this proposal from going through parliament. If you are from Australia and would also like to sign this petition then please follow this link: GetUp Save The Net Campaign

Day 5 // Thinspiration / Pro Ana / Pro Anorexia

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CDC said...

defs should not be banned.

this video is good!

hope the holidays are well