robmuch365: a photo a day for all of 2011! How you can follow the updates:

So I've finished my first month of photo-blogging over at my robmuch365 blog, posting a photo a day for the whole of 2011, and so far so good :)

No signs of fatigue yet, but I must admit I am running low on my list of ideas...

If you want to follow my journey, you can do it in a few ways:
  • You can subscribe via email, so each day you'll get sent the latest photo. Head over to and down the bottom of the page click the 'Subscribe by email' link.
  • Or if you're a Tumblr fan, head over to my Tumblog with the same daily photos at and hit the 'Follow' link in the top-right.
Big thanks goes to those who have commented and had a look at my photos so far, I really appreciate it and love getting feedback! (even constructive criticisms)

Rob xo

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