Happy Halloween!

So I've been preparing my blog for next weekend, and I realised tonight that I will completely miss Halloween (in terms of posting videos). Not that Halloween is a very big deal here in Australia, but thought that I would wish all those Americans celebrating a very happy Halloween and not to eat TOO much candy (just enough).

I don't know if anyone reads this blog yet, so it's a little weird thinking that I may be talking to nobody... It actually feels like when I first started video blogging on YouTube, and realising that very few people were actually watching. So if anyone is reading this, please leave me comments saying what sort of things you would like to see here, I'll be posting topical things and my comments on them, and my everyday happenings, and random thoughts, and recommended videos and channels on YouTube, and extra stuff not included in my posted videos... but let me know if there is anything in particular you think I might be able to comment on, or anything you would like to know about me... I feel I'm rambling, so will leave it at that.

Have to do an assignment now... Wish me luck.


Karl said...

Hey Rob,
I am reading your blog, and it looks really good to me. I say just keep up the good work. Check out my blog at KrazyTymes.blogspot.com
Hope you have a great week ahead!

G.Gahm said...

Well, Rob I know that I read every post on here! I think that you're an amazing person with great insight. Your YouTube videos are always great and I find myself waiting to see them.

As far as what I would like to see on your blog... just what you're doing now; posting videos, posting blogs about anything and everything. I think that people that read this are going to be reading to get to know you more and will want you to just be you, much like you do on YouTube.

Anyway, I hope that I didn't ramble too much. I can't want to hear/see more from you!


stephen said...

I've been reading your blog! :) I'm excited for the posts to come.

. r o s s . said...

I'm listening.I saw your blog on your Twitter, which I think I got off samesame.com.au. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading/watching your stuff mate.