Save the Net

If you're from Australia, please sign this petition to stop the Government's Internet Censorship plan. It will only take 2 minutes out of your day. Also if you feel particularly enthusiastic about the campaign to stop the censorship, please donate so that ads similar to the one below will appear throughout the internet. Go here to donate.


Sozo said...

You're government whats to sensor your internet...that sucks!

RaykiAlgiz said...

*Comments for your previous talky blog.. =)
Hey rob.. well.. we'r kinda similar.. i've always had great passion in fashion and designing stuff.. But unfortunately dad's against the idea of fashion design simply becos he thinks that fashion designer are "gays".. well.. so he sort of "convinced" me to take up culinary & gastronomic.. So i started off as a trainee in the kitchen when i took my diploma in culinary and right after my army service, i headed for my degree in culinary management (Switzerland).. well, i have always been telling myself, if i really have passion for designing and creating something, y not incorporate my gift of creativity into the subject of culinary.. So i started bringing in striking colors and wild ideas into the food i cook and guess what; my head chef were really impressed and took noticed of my talent.. well, lucky me.. So what im trying to say is, if u really have passion for something, the keyword is "GO FOR IT".. even if ur career is of a different field, u would still be able to create and re-define stuff with your gift.. We make things happen people.. =)

Cheers and hope u did score well for ya exams..

Rocking Out..